Page 145 - Awards and Recognition 2019
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SR-200 Series 2" x 8" Ribbons
95¢ Each
SR-201 First Place Blue
SR-211 First Place
SR-212 Second Place Blue
SR-202 Second Place Red
SR-203 Third Place White
SR-204 Fourth Place Yellow
SR-205 Fifth Place Green
SR-230 Participant Purple
SR-1001 First Blue
SR-1011 First Red
SR-1002 Second Red
SR-1005 Fifth
SR-1160 Perfect Attendance
SR-1012 Second Blue
SR-1003 Third
SR-1004 Fourth
SR-1130 Participant
SR-1000 Series 2" x 8" Ribbons
99¢ Each
2" x 8" Peaked top with eyelet, card and string
RR-6 Series 3" x 62" Rosette Ribbons
$5.25 Each
RR-6 Series Rosettes hold inserts shown on pages 116 - 117 Also available with custom insert Please see page 3 for pricing
RR-6 Rosettes hold 2" insert
RR6-GN Green
RR6-PR Purple
RR6-Y Yellow
RR6-BL Blue
RR6-RD Red
RR6-WH White
Awards and Recognition

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