Page 132 - Awards and Recognition 2019
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Massive 3" diameter medals Available in 13 Activities
$5.25 Each
Price includes extra large neck ribbons available in 5 colours
Blue Red White RBV-402 RBV-403 RBV-404
MSJ806 Football
Shown actual size in 3 available finishes Available in Antique Gold, Antique Silver and Antique
Bronze finishes, unless specified
Red, White, Blue RBV-401
Red, White, Red RBV-469
MSJ802 Baseball
MSJ803 Basketball
MSJ847 Curling
MSJ807 Golf
MSJ810 Hockey
MSJ841 Marathon
MSJ813 Soccer
MSJ815 Tennis
Awards and Recognition
Gold Only
Silver Only
Bronze Only
MSJ801 Victory
MSJ891 1st Place
MSJ892 2nd Place
MSJ893 3rd Place

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